Sunday, May 12, 2013


Maybe it's because I've become more aware of myself, my surroundings, other peoples, things in life but I truly believe crows and ravens are stalking me. I saw stalking but I mean following in the nicest way possible. Now I know these two birds, that are different but kinda like cousins, are not the rarest in the world. I'm sure someone has either seen or heard one in their lifetime. If not then, maybe it's all in my imagination (scary). Everywhere I go they are there, the mall, school parking lot, parking lot in my apartment complex, on campus, in a painting at a store I've never been before. They are everywhere. I'm a believer that everything has a purpose, it can't just be. The just be, is just be for a reason (if you could keep up with the meaning). I believe I've come to the conclusion that they, both of them, are two of my many spirit animals. One time I was walking to class, something told me to look back and there it was landing on the light post and when i looked back again it was gone. They fly over my head. I'm just waiting for one to come land on my shoulder like the lady in Home Alone 2. Some have negative beliefs about crows and ravens and I respect their beliefs but I don't share them. A lot of people are afraid of the dark. They don't understand that balance is needed between the dark and the light. I think they are beautiful birds with so much mystery in not only their color but their eyes and calls. I get my crow and raven medicine everyday without skipping a beat. I'm surprised they haven't visited me in my dreams. I believe they have something to tell me. Stalker with a message? Why don't they just spit it out already?

I believe my other spirit animals to be spiders (ahhh!) and cats.

I've also come to another conclusion that instead of being irritated at them always following me, being where I'm at, I'm going to thank them and talk to them to see if I get anything. Not in my language of course. I'm fascinated by them yet shun them because of ego and not fully understanding their meaning in my life. from now on, I'm going to appreciate them. After all, they are created by the same Creator who created me. they deserve to share the spaces I occupy as much as someone else does. We are all apart of the Animal kingdom, although we are divided into different phylum, clade, and class. The Creators breath is in my beloved crows and ravens! 

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