Thursday, May 23, 2013


Who doesn't love music? I think music is a universal language. A conversation starter. Ice Breaker. The knot that can hold anything together. I love music; all kinds. If it resonates with my soul, I'm all in. That being said, this is a PSA!

If you trying to make it into the music industry, please understand that you need to be working. Working real hard. If you are serious, your efforts need to be serious. No half ass. No short cuts. I don't know how the music industry works. I couldn't tell you any tricks on how to slide in, what manager you need to have, what process you need to take but as a fan of music I will give you some tips. Now you are unsigned and trying to make it big.

First: Don't quit your day job unless you just know you can. I think the point is implied, but I'll explicitly explain. You'll have something to fall back on if it doesn't work out. You will have extra money in your pocket to spend on graphics, studio time, or even a PR.

Second: Get in touch with your community. If you just know you good at signing/rapping/both expand your music within your community. This can build your fan base. We live in the technology era, so of course you are probably already on Youtube with videos of your covers or homegrown music videos, but it never fails to have your community behind you. Ask around if you could headline someone's show, do talent shows, or just start singing in public.

Third: STOP THE SPAM! I don't want to log on to Facebook or Twitter with just a link to your music video/song/download to your mixtape and we ain't never had a conversation. Or you are someone I went to school with and we used to associates but you sending me a link through Facebook chat but you don't say "Hey", "Hey, when you get some time could you please check the link out to my music", or any other acknowledging statement that let's me, as a music lover and possible fan, know that you care about your audience. It really grinds my gears when people do that. I don't care who produced your song, how many days and nights you were in the studio, how many takes it took, who you got featured on the song. If you want me to click on YOUR link to your CRAFT, show me some respect. Instead of just throwing your link at me, try having a conversation with me. You don't have to take me to dinner and a movie but at least remember that YOU want me to listen not the other way around. 

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