Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear future child/children

This letter is solely dedicated to you. I don’t know when you’ll arrive but I know when you do your father and I will be ready and forever grateful of your existence. In this letter I’ll outline and vow to you several things I plan to do as your mother. I’m writing this at the age of 22, young I know, but I’ve been around long enough to know the type of life I’d like for you to experience. I want you to experience your own life. I’m coming to understand that everyone on this earth has their own life plan/destiny and it should be lived out and experienced to the fullest. The only promise I will make to you is that I’ll try my best. If you want to play an instrument instead of sports, go to science camp instead of swimming lessons, watch movies all day instead of leave the house, vice versa and more then I will try my best to understand that it is something that brings you pleasure. I will try my best to expose you to different things such as nature, museums, art galleries, ice skating, tennis, skating, running, walking, baking, cooking, arts and crafts, history, science, and the list goes on and on. We will try something at least once and if you don’t want to continue participating in the activity even though I may enjoy it I will not drag you along selfishly believing or hoping that you will change your mind. I will try my best not succumb to societies rules and help you understand that it’s okay for you to cry and have an emotional release when and wherever you need to for the sake of your own emotional health. I will try not to push my passion and excitement about health, medicine, science, herbs and spices onto you but just be aware that they will be in your life. I will try my best to explain a tragic situation to you in the most open and honest way I know how in order for you to understand. I will also try my best to help you discover and appreciate “the truth” that resonates with you be it on the internet, in a textbook, or word of mouth. I will try to help you appreciate the gifts and talents that you were born with in hopes that you don’t allow society or family advise you to burn them and adopt a linear thinking and living pattern. I will try and practice with you the benefits of left and right brain living and thinking. I will try to help you understand what female and male energy is and the importance of having a balance of both. I will try to listen to what you have to say and how you feel. I will try my best to help you love and appreciate yourself, every awkwardly placed hair, abnormal head size, and any other quirks you may have. The love you have for yourself will become your armor against any opposition. I will try my best to show you that respecting yourself and others regardless of their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, religious differences is very important. If you are being mistreated at school like not being able to go to the restroom when you need to go, being forced to drink milk, disrespectful comments from teachers, students, and other parents, etc. I will be your attorney and fight for you and with you. I will allow you to learn lessons from your mistakes until you are ready for me to tell you how to fix them. I will try to comfort you as best as I can without stunting your emotional and spiritual growth intentionally or unintentionally. As your mother, every day I will try my best and nothing less