Sunday, August 12, 2012

Be grateful & Give Love

No one is promised another day. Not everyone gets to see the age 22. I’m grateful I am able to still be alive on this beautiful day, August 12, 2012! I wish to give more love and to be grateful always. I’m grateful for my health, friends (old & new), associates, acquaintances, passions, family, my mom, and the universe. I’m super duper grateful for my mom and all the sacrifices she has made in her life in order for me to be the successful human being I’m destined to be. I recognize that not every parent would make the same sacrifices that my mom has made for me so I am forever grateful for her as my mother. I’m grateful for the people who’ve come into my life for reasons and seasons to teach me all kinds of life lessons that I use on a daily basis, that I will use in the future, and I will use only in survival-of-the-fittest mode. I’m grateful for being able to breathe another breath, see the beautiful trees, feel the breeze, have a roof over my head, have food to eat, shoes to wear, clothes on my back, and many other things that other people don’t have access to. I love life, including all the ups, downs, and spin-arounds & I Love ME! Cheers to a wonderful 22nd year on this earth :) 


  1. great blog

  2. Happy late birthday. So glad you got to see another year :]

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