Friday, July 6, 2012

Neglect - Update

I remember when I said I would always stay true to Blogger and never get a Tumblr but I obviously was convinced, and it made it even worse when I figured out how to use it. I was reblogging, becoming familiar with all the tumblr jokes, being exposed to things and people I never knew existed and that's why i havent been around so much. Barely at all actually. I still come on here to check other people's blogs and see what they are talking about because most people on tumblr don't really write, they express themselves through different quotes and mainly pictures of things they like/interested in. It's not like you can't write on there but I normally don't write on there because it just feels like Blogger is better for writing, for me anyways. When I'm not neglecting this blog or having to look through 100 pages of tumblr, I'm mostly up researching different things. I've changed quite a bit. Significantly. I'm really into herbs, spices, tea, alternative medicine, finding natural remedies, meditation, hypnosis (believe it or not), getting balanced and centered, loving myself more fully, massage therapy, essential oils and few more things. I feel like I'm an unofficial apprentice expert on a lot of these things. Since I'm on summer break, I'm always up late either watching a tv show,movie, documentary online or looking up some natural cures for something... sometimes I has to do with me like "natural cures for acne scars" and other times it has nothing to do with me like "essential oils for asthma" (I don't have asthma but a close friend of mine does). I know what I want to do for the rest of my life... it has to do with alternative medicine. So I guess when I said I wanted to be in the health care field, I was being honest, I just didn't know which specific field it would be in. I've been trying my hardest to watch what I think and say so that the things I want in my life will manifest in my life. I just realized how much stuff I research. It's a large number. It may seem like I'm just lying in bed all day or just on my computer on social networks, not being social at all but GOOGLE is my most visited site EVER! What do I research exactly? Well I hinted a little at it but I look up the benefits of different teas for health and health conditions (headaches, PMS, Muscle soreness) Im a big tea drinker, essential oil benefits (tea tree oil, lavender, orange, neroli, citronella, etc), herbs and spices for health (Peppermint, Spearmint, Tumeric, Cloves, etc), meditation music, benefits of meditation, chakra balancing, essential oils for chakra balancing, massage therapy (self massage, benefits of massage, massage therapy schools, different types of massage) reflexology benefits, twin flames/ soul mates, how to control anger, and so much more. I also visit these positive sites almost every week to keep me thinking positive and living a health lifestyle mind body and spirit. I've been focusing a lot of loving myself more. I love myself but some of the things I do to myself don't scream "I love you Atarah", so I'm working on those areas. Everyone likes to say they love themselves but if they step back and look at some of the things they do unconsciously or consciously to themselves they would know they need to reevaluate the so called love they have for themselves. I know i had to. I've been in this OLD SCHOOL music funk for the longest. I barely listen to any of the new age r&b, hip hop,pop. When I say OLD SCHOOl, I mean The Stylistics, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Teddy Pendergrass, The Floaters music!! it's so funny because when I'm in the car with someone of course they aren't listening to stuff like this and they will be jamming to something new and I will be so lost. When I say I'm downloading some new music for iTunes, it's normally OLD SCHOOL music. Maybe the funk will go away when school starts back but I'm enjoying this music for now.

Just a little update! Can't wait to look back and read this in a few months. 

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