Monday, July 16, 2012

A lil' bit of this, a lil' bit of that ...

My mom keeps saying I should have gone to school for chemistry instead of psychology. Pictured is my first ever product line, with the only product, body lotion. We were cleaning out her medicine cabinet and found it. I couldn't stop laughing because I remember making it. I may not remember what the ingredients are but I do remember how eager I as to mix something together to make a "Smooth and Silky" body lotion. Throughout my youth I guess I've always been one to mix something up for body care. Recently I've been interested in making body butter, salt and sugar scrubs, bath soaks, bath teas, massage oils. Now that I've grown up and experienced life a ill and learned some new things, the body products I make aren't a mix of this and that lotion with this oil. I'm no expert but now the ingredients I use are natural ones. I always believed nature had so many different beauty ingredients if we just paid attention. Mom tried my latest Shea butter body cream/wax/glaze (still can't find the right word for it) and she started coming up with this huge business idea/ plan. In 15 mins, I had my own spa that sold my products. I had massage specials for kids, seniors, birthday parties, etc. her imagination ran wild but i couldn't help but get fired up with her visions. It's wonderful having someone believe in you, willing to have faith in you, and dream with you... Dream even bigger than you. I don't know if I'll ever see my concoctions, it would be a great side hustle though. There are so many company, known, unknown, successful, not as successful, that have body products where the base ingredient is Shea butter, coco butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. I don't know how I would stand out from the crowd. It's an easy way to make money off of something I'm good at. I'm making my cousin in SC a trial product to get another opinion because even though my mom will always be the #1 guinea pig, I want another opinion. I think I may also recruit some of my friends to be guinea pigs as well. I've had plans to make some lip balm for the longest, I've just been waiting on the moment where I can get my hands on some real deal beeswax. And if I ever say I don't care about stuff like this, then I would be lying because this post proves other wise. I believe you should treat and nourish your skin with top quality products all the time. No BS!! No days off. Nature carries a variety of ingredients that can make your skin more beautiful than it already isYou only have one body. I guess that was a mini pitch for you all. Anyways this is one of my many passions. Maybe it'll just be for me myself and I or maybe it'll grow larger and reach other people. We will see, I'm just going with the flo.

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