Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's weird how the U.S. has this so called thing called "freedom" available to anyone. How are we free when we aren't free to regulate out own choices about what to eat and feed our families? What happened to small family farms and knowing farmers and seeing those beautiful green pastures instead of those those large industrial farms? Industrial farms... that doesn't even sound right. So what if people want to drink raw milk and eat raw meat.... if they get sick and die why should the government care? Everyone should the choice for what they put in their bodies. The government regulates so much of our lives in the U.S. that small family farms can't even sell milk that has the bacteria that is good for our bodies, grass-feed chicken, goats, and cows but they sure stamp APPROVAL on the hormone injected beef, chicken, milk, and other things. They regulate our bodies in that sense because those things are unhealthy for us, we tend to get sick, then we have to visit the doctor, spend money for medication that has side effects, and you could possibly die. Now  everything happens for a reason is my belief and everyone is going to die... but why speed up the process? It's annoying, unbelievable, and I'm quite honestly tired of it. I'm far away from being a farmer but I would love to buy foods from a local farmer and not fear that they would get raided for their produce just because the government wants to step on all of their toes and fingers too. Look around our daily lives are being regulated, they probably can see this post before I even post it on Blogger, they more than likely listen to my phone calls (the phone calls I do get), they probably read my text before I get them, and they are probably staring at me through my webcam all the time I am on my computer. It's sad and also scary how paranoid I just sounded but you would be a fool not to be cautious. I used to drink milk, 1% to be exact, and I recently took a year off of milk products because the research I did on causes of acne claimed that milk could be a factor. I believe my research was correct because before I went off of milk and the delicious taste of plain yogurt.... I had breakouts all the time. Now the only issue I'm faced with since I haven't digested any organic, 1%, 2%, 600% milk is scarring. I say that just to say this... maybe people need to take better care of what they are nourishing their bodies with. It's sad when you try to eat healthy and clean but then even those foods you eat are holding you back.

Giveth us FREE!!! (Sorry I just had to say it)

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