Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just for my sanity

This thing is really bothering me. I mean it's not too big of a deal but it's going to eat away at me so I mind as well share to get it off of my chest. I don't feel like I got chomped or any type of embarrassment. I just feel disrespected. One of my exes calls me today just to "see how I'm doing" translation... he misses talking to me and wants to how come he hasn't heard from me in a month. I'm a busy college student while he still doing time but not in jail, in some program where he is a firefighter. I don't too much have any more feelings for him because we dated when I was 15, yep young, dumb, and "looking for love" and he hasn't been free for about 5 years. I accept his friend request and I accept him to call me because I'm over what happened between us and quite frankly over him but I believe in chances and opportunities. Why shouldn't I be the kind, sweet, great listener that I am with him. He wanted to talk... okay cool it would be nice to catch up. Thing were going fine but once I got off break and back into school, I became unavailable for him, shoot even too unavailable to focus on myself.

Like I said earlier, he calls me today to "check up" but I'm busy rushing to the library to go study. I tell him he should call me later and that's that. I finally find a computer in the library, get on facebook because that's what all college students do when we are "studying" and his status says "I love my chick...." and all I do is laugh and say in my head "You can't love her too much if you just called me 15 mins ago." I don't care that he has a girlfriend, I'm actually really happy for him and so I write that on his status and then he replies like he doesn't believe me and things like that. Now just because I'm a cynical, sarcastic person most of the times doesn't mean you should think every time I'm going to be that way especially through text. You can't assume a person's true intentions or true tone of voice through a text message. I mean you can assume but then again it's not smart to do because of things like this. So then his sisters wrote on there insinuating that I was being a hater by saying "We don't need no hating a** scrubs" and what have you and he in turn egged it on by agreeing and saying "I know right". I hate when there are nosy, childish, instigating people involved in something I'm involved in and things get twisted because of them stuffing their nose into things they know nothing about. I understand protective brothers and sisters, not actually because I'm the only child but I can understand but I would never cross a boundary and say something outlandish and if I was my ex, I wouldn't allow any of my family members to look too deep into something that had no meaning that what was on the surface. Ultimately a spark was lit in my chest and I called him and told him I didn't like how he was egging it on and to never call me again. Then another one of his sisters said something 2 hrs later and it lit the flame again within me and instead of me going off and doing what I know they do with their family matters, I quickly sent him a message with my parting words of hoping he has a great life ad deleted him from being my friend on facebook. I know if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have been pissed every time he wrote a status or had any type of activity on my news feed.

Glad I got that off my chest. It's been a pleasure. I hope you enjoyed my little story.
Have a great rest of the week

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