Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hit the Nail on the Head

You missed out on a good thing…
You missed out on a GREAT thing. I’m glad you thought moving onto another would make you forget about me. I’m glad you thought the person you’re with now could even compare to && replace me. What you fail to realize is there’s no replacing me. No one could make you happy the way I did. Yea, you may find someone that can put a smile on your face, make you have a good laugh every now && then, but remember…I did that with NO effort. I never ‘tried’ to make you happy, it came natural. Those times we shared && conversations we had are missed, I admit. But me being hurt made me want to forget about everything. I wish it was that simple, but it’s not. I think about you all the time, ALL the time. There was a phase in my life where I was like, “Fuck Love!” but I’m over that now. You had power over me that stopped me from moving on, but that power is gone. So, I’m moving on && I’ma love way harder, way stronger && the next person that will have the privilege of being with me will be happy && in pure bliss.
Something Great 


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