Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I still love you!

If any of you have noticed I have about 3 blogs on blogger and yes it takes alot to keep up. I'm mainly updating this one but I barely practice the self-discipline to update this one as well as the others. So guess what I went and did? I created two more blogs, but they are on Tumblr. Doesn't it seem like everyone is trading Blogger for Tumblr? It took me two years to figure out how to work Tumblr but now that I get it, I have added them to my blog family. The first one is basically a blog full of everything I'm interested in with pics, quotes, music.. mainly reblogged but yeah. Then the second one is basically movie reviews since I love watching movies. I watch the movies and give you all my personal opinion. This will also help me keep record of all of the movies I'm watching for my bucket list goal.




I hope you all check them out and I will always and forever love my Blogger family. I'm not going anywhere. 

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