Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a list of Randoms

  • All hail the Queen of Procrastinators, Me!
  • I didnt do any work this entire weekend
  • I feel like experiencing life and reading books has really open-ed up my eyes and mind
  • wish I had a European roommate
  • I love my hair!
  • I wish I could go to my friend's presentation show this Sunday
  • I wish I had some best friends but sometimes best friends arent what the title says
  • I'm finally interested in someone other than my ex, just wish I would have paid attention freshman year but timing is everything
  • I just want to be a high school counselor
  • Roseanne is on, quiet please!
  • I act like I dont care but then I download your music and read your post and follow you, I'm only fooling myself
  • I'm not sleepy right now but I have to go to sleep in order to get up so I can do my homework
  • I'm not bragging I'm a procrastinator, I'm accepting what I am
  • I work better under pressure but this crap will not fly in Grad. school
  • I miss Big Love
  • My room wouldnt be so junky if I didnt have a roommate
Good Night


  1. - I too, am a fellow Procrastinator. *bows*
    - I laid in bed this entire weekend .. And only got up for work & to go out; I am now paying for it & having to study like crazy!
    - Diddo, although I do need to do more reading.
    - I wish I had a diverse group of friends
    - I love your hair
    - Aww what does your friend do?

    Kimberly, FWB
    - I'm in love with so done who caused meto lose focus my freshman year =\
    - Really? =] that sounds fun! Schools are in serious need of GOOD ones who WANT the job.
    - I CAN'T stand ROSEANNE; but then again, Ive never watched it. Lol
    - Studying as soon asi finish commenting on this!
    - First step to recovery!
    - me too! And that's the thought that scares me- grad school. =\
    - miss you too Big Love
    - my room wldnt be so junky if I wasn't always in a rush


  2. I'm a procrastinator too. wish they had a cure for it