Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I feel at the moment

I'm having a little bit of a hard time letting go of the we and embracing the me. I'm not talking about my identity, I'm just talking about the memories. Once I let go of those then I will feel like I'm making progress in my self-edification process. which is lifelong by the way. Is the point to forget or to deal? If the point is to forget then that would mean I would be an actor in the Men In Black and Will Smith would use that little device on me that would erase my memory about everything we had and didnt have. My guess is to learn how to deal. I think it wouldnt so hard if I didnt love love and everything that comes along with it, good and bad. How do I deal with the fact that we has divided into you and me;separately. A woman's intuition is very strong and so is her urge to cry when the love of her life has gone left, dead or alive. Were you the love of my life or just someone that was just nice? I'm just going through all the phases, the ones everyone says I'll go through. But it's not like it's my first time it's happened before. So I should be used to it right? I guess that's why they tell you and I not to get too comfortable but we never listen, us men and women. Remember that line about intuition, yeah I already know what's going to happen. When all of you spring flings and winter snuggle loves begin to break up then that's when my time will come, it never fails... unless it's really a new beginning. I think I'm having a hard time embracing the me, not because I don't know myself or because I need someone, it's just because in my nature I love love. I'm in love with love. I know myself, I found myself, and all that other jazz  but it's just as simple as that, I love love. But every lion needs it's down time to adjust to the "seriously this is a real new beginning". So of course I can't forget and don't hope to forget about the we because that would mean we never were, which means I am not the me that I know and love. But i will be bigger, bolder, and better than ever after my hibernation

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