Monday, December 6, 2010

What I wouldnt do

I swear I saw you at church last sunday
--- i swear I saw you from across the room
and I was about to get it on and poppin'
staring at u like u from the black lagoon
but nahhh I was probably trippin'
-- trippin' and wishing and thinking about daydreams turned into reality
I almost broke down in tears when I thought it was you
-----man if u only knew
If i had one wish
--- all I would wish is to have you
Nobody else
-- not even some converse shoes
yup thats how serious it is
Im trying be the bigger man
and give u up cold turkey
but it aint seem to be workin'
No guy compares
--- and yeah yeah to my audience
" You aint supposed to compare"
well uhhh when u find somebody, or been with somebody that never really did you wrong
and only did misdemeanors nothing quite serious
then step to, correctly and sing me your song because right about now this aint about you
its about US
--- man if you only knew
I know wont no other chick in fayetteville treat like I can
I may not be Ms. Bomb Diggity or Ms. Bad Bitch
but Im a sweet Romantic Chick ready to always see you smile
-- because I love to see you smile
especially when you're mad
Its the best
-- it drives me wild seeing your smile turn upside down
and ignoring u until u cant take it no more and do anything u can for my attention
then you right at it again
--- SMILING that is
Im starting to believe it when I say I love you for the rest of my days
--crazy huh, most times I think so
Ive never told you this but every time I hear Jagged Edge
you come in to mind
-- and its funny cause you cant sing but its something
----- with them other guys I dont feel that sting like I used to
Ive been single for so long but I still remember how you smell
I sound like an obessed fan lookin through the peep hole of your door

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