Monday, December 6, 2010

Dedicated to the girl with no voice

* This is dedicated to a good friend of mine. Hope you like, I wrote it especially for you*

Tossin' and turnin'
Sqirmin' and Sqirmin'
in my bed...
Breathing heavily
continues throughtout tonight
cant seem to find a solution without your light
through my huge sobs, I want to say:

I'm still loving you; with all my heart
I was always smart but when you reached into my heart
I forgot all the book smarts and became weak like a crack fiend
We fit each other like two peas in a pod
or earphones and an iPod
and the best yet the last two pieces to a difficult puzzle
When I gazed into your eyes the last time
you spoke to me, without words, and told me you loved me
it warmed my heart up like a bowl of soup
but now im just recognized that you just nuked it
We've been through this a million times and now
that you are back to your old self
it's like I'm a ghost but I'm always friendly
No matter how bad this hurts
I could never be mad around u
Just tell me why you claimed you wanted to marry me
knowing damn well you werent really feelin' me
she is your moon, stars, wind, and earth
and what am I, just barely there?
Did you forget I was there?
when you played me with all the others
I stuck by, crazy and low as that may sound,
I just wanted to be around
Listen, and I mean listen really good
You dont know how you have changed my life
Some times I imagine being your wife
and then I remember how happy you are with
 your prized possession lover
and it pains me deeply
you once told me the truth and nothing else
and now I cant even get you to say one word to me
I wonder why that is?
Well whether I like it or love it or not
I'm still loving you and all I can ask myself is why this and that
I try to make up the answers to my questions in my head
I'm afraid you wont give a damn

why dont you give a damn when we have gone through this all before?
You love me, you love me not.

I just dont understand.
I just dont understand.

and maybe you two were meant to be
and happily
but what about me
I know you love me.
You honestly cant deny it

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