Monday, December 6, 2010

Thoughts through the passion

Really cant believe that we at it again

we been doing it like this since probably 10 [am] that is

who would have ever thought that i'd even end up in his bed

he was always just a cool friend

but now he is my hot sweaty, sexy lover that can do it better than the others

i moan and scream louder than ever

damn, i feel like this is a got damn dream

i have come to believe that he just wants me for the sex

but everytime he looks at me, i can tell its much more than that

fact of the matter is: this shit is good, no fuck good... its FANTASTIC

its so big and huge, never in a million years that i ever thought such a huge

thing could fit, into "this"

I obey every single movement he says

to please him

and i know its really on the flip side

he strokin slow and deep, SHITTT i aint never had it like this befo'

its like he tellin me to jump like froggy and I really do what he wants

foreplay was off the chain but nothing compares to these great hours of pure bliss

at times during this, i feel like im going to spilt into two

Round # 6 and he aint tired yet

makin me splash everywhere and grip onto my hair

[ i might need a wig after this yall]

his lips are too die for; its like someone injected them with some plump stuff

and his tongue, i dont even wanna get started on

even while im still in the moment i can come

on down and make him go wild while i ride it like a pony

he hittin all the spots i never knew were there

its like he knows my every dying wish, when it comes to sex that is

as i sattled up for the "i lost count time" i see his eyes roll to the side and then back

and he moans and instantly I come

to my senses

funny how we think we know someone until we spend the night in their

bed then thats when all the hidden secrets and the freak comes out

and i sure am glad i was available for this magnificent event

we both gonna be knocked out for a good minute

and probably wake up and do it all over again

but let me get my mind back right to further enjoy our night

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