Friday, July 16, 2010

The typical "Angry- Black Woman" and her ugly ass Attitude

Now I'm not making any excuses for any other black women and the reasons for their attitudes towards men, specifically black men, but I will try to assert my opinion about what the attitude could have stemmed from.

Women in general are emotional creatures, regardless of the fact that some of us like to say we're heartless and dont give a fuck and stuff like that, we are emotional creatures. Some of us just really know how to suppress and hide those true emotions from the rest of the world. Black women, generalized, are said to have more attitude than any other race of women. This attitude is what drives black men away and makes them want to date other women of different races, which in results makes some black women even more furious, not me because as long as a man is happy with his woman then I'm happy for him. The attitude is much more than just the attitude because it also deals with body language. The attitude consist of yelling, neck rolling, eyes rolling, bickering and probably a little more. But it's basically a good ass acting job in one of the most dramatic plays ever written; too bad its not really acting though.

I cant and dont even want to say black women have attitudes because they have an issues that some men probably dont want to hear and listen to. All women will have even the slightest attitude with a dude if he comes up to her in the mall,  athough he approaches her respectfully, she has her mind on something else. Could be an ex, could be her family, she could have just got laid off, she could be cramping, someone could have just died and she found out. These are excuses, these are actual real reason why a woman could give you an attitude even though you were just saying "Hi". Another possible reason for the attitude, especially in black women, is because that's what they grew up around. If the woman saw her mama being loud, rude, and disrespectful to a black man then she thinks that's how it's supposed to be. She thinks thats how she's supposed to act when a man, no matter the race, upsets her or disappoints her. Monkey see, monkey do. Another possible reason for the infamous BWA ( black woman's attitude) could be her friends. Let's say your girlfriend's friend saw you talking to some girl and she noticed you guys hugged and she quickly calls her up and tells her what she saw, blowing it all out of proption and adding details that didnt even happen. When you girlfriend confronts you about it and you try to tell her the honest truth then she wont believe you and demands the truth from you because her friend told your her "her" side of what she thought she knew. Some other possibilties could be that she was hurt from a past relationship and has trust issues, she's bitter, she might not be into black guys, and etc. Still not convinced or not persuaded.

Well what you could do as the black man is stop complaining about the stereotypical black girl/ women attitude and when you approach the girl and she snaps back with the typical attitude ask her why is it that she has an attitude. Women, shoot, human beings want to be understood. So maybe if you ask her why the attitude then maybe you could get to the bottom of the real reason. There is a reason for everything. And please stop generalizing too because I do know alot of black women who dont have that stereotypical typical black girl attitude.

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