Saturday, July 17, 2010

Intoxicatedly Frustrating

I just want to scream, cry, and curse right now. You know when you have one of those days from your imagination of what Hell is. I'm not even going to say my ipod is my life but I do love this thing alot. It's been in my life since the year 2006 I believe. When a lot of the people I knew at school kept updating their ipods, I kept mine, Charlie. I mean what's the point of buying a brand new one when the old one works very well. Charlie has been lost before. He was lost for a good four months. Exactly how I felt then when Charlie was lost is exactly how I feel now that he is sick... frustrated as hell. I'm trying to stay cool and calm but when you know you cant just turn on your ipod and block out those annoying, loud talking, people at the nail salon, you are bound to feel some type of way. I'm trying everything in my power to fix it before even thinking about taking it to a "shop". I hope something happens overnight, that's ironic because most times things dont happen overnight but we'll see. Then I'm also upset about my phone. NO I take that back. I'm grateful and appreciative of my new phone. It's cute and blah blah blah but I'm a text-er, I love talking on the phone too but that's not my point.  I like when I text people or vice versa and we actually have a full conversation. Basically I like entertaining text messengers and right now in my phone, I have none. The one person I love to text has a new number and I dont have, and I probably wont have it for a while because I'm not asking again. I miss our conversations. I miss his unique "good morning" messages but now I'm left with a dude saying whats up every minute ( exaggeration ), a dude trying to be funny by spelling my name wrong ( that's not funny), and another guy that hasn't grown up ( although I though he would). Both of those things are pissing me off and frustrating the daylights out of me. I hope it gets better very soon.


  1. Aww, I really love my Ipod touch as well - I would never change it for another gadget.

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  2. ur blog is amazing
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  3. i hope you get better!