Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Smartasses and such

I have been doing the 30 day challenge and like all things that are new and fresh, you are excited to explore it. And as time goes by, the excitement kind of wears off and whatever. Basically I'm tired of having to write a letter a day for 30 days. Most of my letters havent even been written on the date supposed to be written but some days, days like today, I dont feel in the mood to write anything. And when I am in the mood, I want it to come from the heart. Anyways moving on...

So I'm on facebook, as I always am, and I'm reading everyone's status updates as usual then I turn my eyes to the right hand side of the webpage and there his name is, BAM right in my face: Keep in Contact with (his name) . I know you're thinking, well it's just a name but no his name isnt John, Eric, Duke, basically nothing too too common, especially for a black guy. All week as I've been browsing facebook, I would see his name around and it would just piss me off and make me think that maybe I'm right. Then tonight happens and it furthers my faith and crazy woman intution power about us. I am very aware that right now, I sound very very crazy but when you know... you just know. Anyways I think Facebook was trying to be a little smart ass with that one. I know they're probably laughing the butts off in their office. Good one guys. Good one.

Anyways just wanted to share

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