Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

So yeah, I dont know when Father's Day is. I had to ask someone last week and then just now I had to look it up for myself. Sad huh? Not really. Why? Oh, because I come from the stereotypical single mother home. I really have no reason to remember when it is since I've never had to buy a father's day card or gift. So why do I care about Father's Day then? Well because I do have uncles and some of my home boys  are fathers and I want to celebrate them on their day.

I would like to commend the advertising this year because it's way more than I have seen in a long time for Father's Day. In the past, they just had one commercial contrasted to mother's day which had all the advertising in the world. I guess they figured out this year that the fathers that are actually doing what they need to do deserve appreciation.

And I just wanted to thank all of you men out there that take care of your children, regardless your relationship with the mother. Thanks for making a difference in your child's life. Thanks for not just "being there" but being involved and supportive. And thank you to the men taking care of your girlfriend's or wife's children. At least you stepped up to the plate and played the game that their biological father quit.

I thought about getting my mom a Father's Day card/ gift but then I thought "I'm trying to save the little money I  just got" and also "My mom has never and never will be a father, that's why she was made my mother - she played her role and continues to each and everyday." Now i know alot of people that grew up without their fathers buy their mothers gifts but I just feel like I would be celebrating her in the wrong way. I could say my mom has been both mom and dad and in theory she kind of has been but to be honest with myself she hasnt. All she has been is my mom and I'm totally grateful.

I'll just wait until her birthday and mother's day to really celebrate and appreciate her.

Happy Father's Day again :)

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