Saturday, June 19, 2010

Girls can break your heart too!

What's the difference between a guy dumping you and your best girl(friend) stealing from you? Of course what they did is different but the pain you feel in your heart is just the same. I dont think that we, women, should call all men dogs, well because not all men are dogs, and because if you label some guys as dogs you have to label some females dogs too, and no I dont mean calling them a bitch. Women can break another woman's heart just as bad or even worse than a man can. When we, women, make friends with another woman we trust her and although our personalities, physical appearance, and backgrounds may be different, on the inside we are all the same. Most women get along better with women than with men, which makes sense because without saying a word we know somewhat of what another woman is going through. Now this is just my opinion that when a female that you have been friends with for seven years doesnt feel like being your friend anymore. It's tough because we all think that we are going to be friends forever, although nothing last forever and people do change. And there is no problem with acceptance it's just the fact that your bestie betray you. No matter what the situation is, losing a girlfriend hurts like hell especially if you guys were really really close. I'm speaking from experience although the examples I wrote about were merely examples. This type of thing starts to make females a little more cautious of who they make their friends and what I have been seeing lately is that females call other females bitches and only hang with dudes. I dont have a problem with the hanging with dudes thing but the whole calling other females bitches drives me insane. Just because one or two and maybe three girls you thought was your best friend for life hurt you doesnt mean that's how all women are. I've seen some really petty crap going on and it's really annoying. I feel like any women that do react this way because of a broken heart caused by an ex- best friend needs to deal with her feeling s and then move on. There's no benefit in keeping those old feelings built up. Strive to have a happy life filled with ups, downs, smiles, frowns, and all that but keep the negativity out. Confront the negativity then move on.

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