Sunday, June 27, 2010

30- Day Letter Challenge - Day 6: A Stranger

Dear Stranger,

hey i just wanted to let you know that those kids that were making fun of you just because of your clothes are losers. If no one you live with has told you then I will, although clothes are used to help us express ourselves, at least you have clothes on your body. Your body is covered and I know you want to make new friends but the fact of the matter is that you dont have on the most trendiest clothes compared to them in their opinion so of course you will be an outcast. But one thing about being an outcast is that you are intelligent. Trust me, it's okay to not be the coolest person, hanging out with all the cool people, sometimes the cool on the inside isnt the what it looks like on the outside. Be true to yourself and in due time you will learn to love yourself. 

Love, me

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