Sunday, June 27, 2010

30- Day Letter Challenge - Day 4: Your Siblings & Day 5: Your Dreams

I messed up on this thing because I got too excited so I skipped a day and I didnt even know it. So I'll do a letter to my siblings and then a letter to my dreams and then in a few minutes I'll do another one.

Letter to my siblings:

Dear siblings,

I sucks that I never got to meet you but I guess God was trying to protect my mom and I from any real hurt, harm and danger. I'm just so happy that both of you guys are in a better place. Sometimes I think about you, wondering how crazy it would be to have two brothers in my life. I sometimes wish you guys could have been here to take some of the blame, to wash dishes, to get caught with a girl in the house but everything happens for a reason. Love you so much and I didnt even get a chance to get to know you.

Love, me

Letter to my Dreams:

Dear Dreams,

Sometimes I wonder where yall be at when I need yall and other times I wish you would go somewhere. Sometimes I want to just see him while my eyes are closed but then you show me people that arent even an importance to my life. You're so weird. Random much but that one time you woke me up and I was sweating scared me soo much that even counting sheep couldnt get me back to sleep. You need to chill out seriously. And although I'm judging you, you do seem to keep me sane and sometimes you are helpful so I want to say thank you for that. But the weird, out of control stuff has to be cut down. Love you and see you later.

Love, me

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