Friday, May 28, 2010

as always

it's up late... 5:22am... and did I really just type "it's"... oh well I'm too lazy to press the backspace button. Anyways I just wanted to say hey to any and everyone or no one that's reading this. I wonder do people really read my blog. Probably not because my blog is full of stuff that's empty. It wont help anyone in their lives, it doesnt tell females how to dress, find bargains, do their hair, paint their nails, or anything, it's just basically my online journal that I choose to make public and I have the hardest time keeping up with. I dont know why I have the hardest time to keep up with it. I'm on the computer a good bit of hours out of everyday so I should be able to keep up but i do not know. And I wonder why I always have urges to update and post new things when it's hella late. I just dont get it. I do not understand it. When I started this blog over, I once imagined my blog being super duper famous with alot of people reading it and relating but I'm not even close to being on the radar.The only upside I have been appreciating lately is the fact that I am in the teen numbers when it comes to readers/ subscribers/ followers. It really makes me feel good. No lie. I dont know if all 14 of you really seriously read my blog or not but I thank you for the follow. Thank you all soooo much. :) Well my back is getting even more strained with me typing like I'm hunch back of notre dame ( and I hate to use that reference because I hated when the town people threw tomatos at him ) so will cut this short. I'm going to sleep. I hope I dont wake up too late. I hope I dream big dreams. Thanks for reading.

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