Tuesday, April 20, 2010


 [ this one is old too :( ]

How passionate these ladies were about how they insisted that
a black man be their husband
no other race shall take his place
diggin' up the ROOTS of our [ African- American ] history
and tellin the trials and tribulations
and how hard us women have held down the Black Family
when it was supposed to be the men
but instead you could find them cuddled up with a white woman?
How furious they were when they saw interraical couples
NO, let me rephrase that, a black man and white woman
holding hands, minding their own business and in true love
but the black woman is angry because he is a sell out
he is a disgrace to his race
and has disrespected his mama, grandmama, sisters and cousins
oh and let me not forget that has has some self-hate within him
[ just goes to show you how ignorant people are ]

Love is not a color
you are "SUPPOSED" to love with your heart and not your eyes
your eyes see that person's phyicalities
[their face, body, hair]
but with your heart you see
[their heart and that heart speaks truths]
Why all the hostility and rudeness and bitterness towards a black
man with a white woman.
Why cant he genuiely be in love with her?
[ 'cause she cant do it like a sista, haha she must be doing something YOU can't ]
And just to let you know
all of "US"
[ African-American, White, Native American, Chinese, Korean, Hispanic, European, and many others]
we were all going to come in contact or meet n' greet or whatever
regardless, it was in THE PLAN [ for all the believers]
why cant you be happy for DIVERSITY
why must you be so angry and try to segregate LOVE
look at yourself in the mirror
that black man probably didnt want you because of YOUR attitude
who cares about those BLACK men out there that generalize all BLACK women
with attitudes and jealous of white women
if you know it aint true then brush it off and keep smiling
and live you life and finish up that assignment HE gave to you when you were born
on this EARTH
they are only "OPINIONS"
and what are "OPINIONS"??
[ it is a belief that may or may not be backed up with evidence, but which cannot be proved with that evidence. It is normally a subjective statement and may be the result of an emotion or an interpretation of facts; people may draw opposing opinions from the same facts/// source: wikipedia ]
guess what though [ OPINIONS are neither wrong nor right ]
So if you bitter 'cause you mad that white girl is with a black man, go out for a long run and really think about youself and think about how ridiculous you are minding someone's business thats not your own

Calm down, breathe, look in the mirror and say
"God loves me and cares for me"
you sittin here tryna preserve the black family...
ummm almost every African-American person is mixed with someone
i said ALMOST not all
you are wasting your time
that man loves that woman
let US smile and be merry for THEM

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