Tuesday, April 20, 2010

but you knew he was single...Know your place

[ By the way, this is old I'm just trying to up my numbers. Sad huh? ]

Why are you getting mad that you arent the only one?
You knew he was single in the beginning

Why you getting mad because he got a picture with her?
So what they kissing, you knew he was single in the beginning

Why must you complain about the chicks he talk to?
You knew he was single in the beginning

*This is dedicated to any female that is dealing with a single guy, who has multiple chicks. *

(You dancing at the club and you see him looking, you try to brush it off, then he comes up to you and starts talking and instantly you are intrigued, yall exchange numbers and thus begins the journey)

(He's the jokester at you school or in your class and he always makes you laugh and plus he's cute. He calls you his lil sister but deep down you wanna be his girl, he said he's going to text you the information about the CD you asked him and so you give him your number and thus begins the journey)

(You are too busy laughing and having so much fun at dinner with your friends but once he interrupts you snap with an attitude, he brushes you attitude off and continues to try to talk to you, you start to smile (he is good looking), then you get up from the table and start having a nice conversation with him, before its time to go you guys exchange numbers and thus begins the journey)

**Of course there are countless other situations but all I'm trying to say is that you started the journey by exchanging numbers**

Then you start noticing that some girl is little too friendly on his Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you use. And you start to get jealous and confront him about because you thought you were the only one but news flash YOU ARENT the only one. You knew he was single. && when men or women or single they are going to mingle (that's a fact of life). You can continue being mad and getting angry but until you're his girl he isnt changing his ways. Just think about it. What if the shoe was on the other foot... you would have a nice list of men for you to choose from (dont act like you wouldnt).

Check this out though:

1. If you looking for the "one", "love of your life", your "soulmate" then this "single guy" isnt the one for you. Because if he hasnt mentioned anything about just being with you and if you snooped around enough on his page and asked his friends questions about if he messin with anyone else and they so no( they could be lying) then really he could have feelings for you but being just with you.. is not whats going to happen. Dont be putting your heart into something that isnt into you.

2. If you know that you get jealous really easily and you dont like sharing then this is not the situation for you to be in because truthfully you'll be the main one talkin about "niggas aint shit" and yadda yadda yadda when in fact YOU KNEW HE WAS SINGLE from the get go. You gonna be another "mad woman" who got issues with "men and their lies" but you knew he had multiples ( he hugged one of them in your face... that's your fault for not paying attention) If he single it means he can do anything he wants, with whomever. HE is not obligated to you. He dont really have to tell you anything if he doesnt want to.

3. If you knew from the get go that he talks to multiple chicks then first you stupid for thinking he was jus gonna be messing with you. And there is no second to this because you are just plain stuipd.

4. Just because he telling you he wont mess with them anymore, and he promising you stuff dont mean its true. If you arent his GIRLFRIEND it aint gonna happen. &&& you cant say he was cheating because yall arent even together

5. If you showing off, boasting what yall are (or arent), being rude to his female friends (that coulda been past lovers of his or sex buddies or the girl of his dreams), etc. Seems like someone is insecure with what type of "relationship" yall have. If you know you are his main you wouldnt be worried about any others, you would be content with what yall are and try to work on yall and not yall, him and the girl you saw him hug, him and the chick that waved at him, him and the girl his friends told him was BAD, etc. Plus you would be discreet. You dont have to boast everything because sometimes you could be boasting something and other people (like his real main, like the real girl he wants really) can be checking out what you displaying and just shake her head at your stupidity and ignorance.

" The loudest one in the room is most likely the weakest; and thats why they need so much freakin attention"

Ive said all of this because if you, who is reading, either knows someone in the situation or if YOU yourself are in this situation then you need to KNOW YOUR PLACE.

&& if he isnt making you number one or making it known that you are important to him then you shouldnt make him important or number 1 because when he's with his other chick where will you be?? Alone and wondering where he is when he'll be busy getting sum

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