Tuesday, April 20, 2010


its funny how i miss you that quickly when you werent even on my mind just yesterday
its probably the thoughts of everything we did and everything we went through
that bumrushed my head and made me smile
wish I had your number so we could text all summer like we used to
but you on a whole different level
the one I never could reach, cause you were too deep
and i was just a nut that was hallow
soo as i swallow, I think about how we used to kiss and be oh so longing for each others touch
and every month I knew you would be around
You were that special but then not maybe not
it wasnt a love thing for sure
sad face, too bad, we coulda astonished the world
man, if you only knew how much you affected me
wait you did it intentionally
i respected you to the fullest
and got played
been over it for a while
but i cant get over your smile
and your laugh and your body
naw, Chill out it aint that serious
im just a lil delirious
i loved to kiss upon your neck
and make it wet and...
oh yeah thats as far as we ever went
But if we would have gone even further
we probably would...would...would
man I dont know... IM just speaking from the heart
Its crazy how i miss you from just a sight of your face
I remember graduation day NO night NO day && night [ haha lame]
anyways best night of my life
i was in the light... well that night...
sometimes i wish i could go back
shoot take me back... well not relationship wise but otherwise
damn, i really do miss you.
Hope you feel special.

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