Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The most complicated crreatures on earth: WOMEN

 [ Needs SERIOUS revising]

Why are women so difficult?
Why do women get attached so easily?
Why does she expect me to love her and I've never been in love?
Why is she thinking going lesbian?
Why is she crying over me when she already knew how it was from the beginning?
Why doesn't she understand how i really feel inside?
Why can't she just listen?
Why can't I stay with her?
Why do I beat her?

Questions. Most of these questions have no answers and some of them have complex answers. I don't think I know everything nor do I have all the answers, but I have pondered on some of these questions myself (once presented to me by some of male friends) and in my mind a type of answer, correct or not, started to develop.

In my opinion we women get so attached has to do with the beginning: Adam and Eve. Now if all of you guys reading did not know I do believe deeply in the word. I read the word. And try to understand the word. Now this is for all who do believe, all who want to believe, and all who don't believe but are interested in what I have to say. I'm not trying to get you to agree with me. I just want you to see where im coming from with my opinion. Adam and EVE. I believe women are so attached because of EVE. Eve was made from Adam's rib. The Lord did not want Adam to be alone so he decided to make him a "companion" to "correspond" with him [ Correspond means - to be in conformity or agreement ]. When Adam woke up from his deep sleep he recognized Eve, since she did come from him and said, "This is now bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh;She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man." With this is mind, we go back to the statement or question at hand, why do women get so attached so easily? It is because we come from a man, directly, no indirect, no halfway, but we WOMEN directly come from a man.

"But why is she so attached when I dont want her" Hmmm, let's see maybe she is so attached to you because you whisper sweet-nothings in her ear, and you boost up her confidence, or maybe you just look at her a certain way that makes her feel like you want her all to yourself. Regardless if you cant stand her in the back of your mind, if you only want her for sex, if you are only using her until you and your girlfriend back home settle things between you two, if you are just having her around because you are afraid to be alone, if you are just using her because she knows how to cook, if you are just using her to make yourself look good in front of your boys, and many other excuses, she feels so special because you do not express your "true" feelings and emotions because you dont want to hurt her. OR maybe you do, maybe you are just that blunt. More power to you. But just remember that woman is still going to be attached to you.

Oh and Women are so difficult because we are two totally different sexes. Physically and Emotionally and Mentally. Physically a women has a vagina && Men have a penis. Two distinct differences. Women can carry children && Men can not. Emotionally, women are mostly the emotional ones. Crying at romantic movies, crying over a break up, when to a man its not really serious.. well some of them, crying when things in her life just isnt going right, pretty much women are sensitive. Men on the other hand, some men, NOT MOST && NOT EVERY man dont really show emotions. If its not their mother, grandmother, sister, brother, or any other family member then they keep their emotions bottled up. Alot of women want to know why because we all know men are not emotionless, they are human just like us, but the percent of men that choose not show any emotion probably think that they have a image to uphold. Maybe, and this is my opinion, when they were growing up their fathers werent there to love and care for them and show them it is ok to cry and it is ok to express your emotions and NO it DOES NOT make you less of a man. Or maybe their father was in the household but not all too present in really loving and tenderly caring for their son. I really dont know what the problem is but Im saying right here right now, Its ok for you to cry. I know that something some of you dont want to hear, dont believe in, and think is nonsense but im serious. Whats the point in keeping everything so bottled up when you can just sit on the edge of your bed and cry and talk to God or if you dont believe talk to yourself and/or your mother [ everyone, well there are circumstances, but everyone loves && trust their mother]

Why do you women overanalyze everything? I just thought about the answer to that question, like just a few minutes ago. Maybe women overanalyze everything to make sure of things. Maybe to make nothing into to something or something into nothing. Maybe to reconsider some things. Maybe to make sure it aint what she thinks or to make sure it is what she thinks. MAybe its to take precaution.. [ haha and did you notice im OVERANALYZIN these sentences... woman's nature I guess] You can never be too sure of anything. OF course if your relationship is about trust then she should come to you before coming to assumptions but if you givin her a reason to assume anything other than that you hard at work then what do you really expect. Honesty is best in any relationship. Intimiate or not, be honest, about everything. The truth is ugly, green, purple, and blue, shoot every color of the rainbow [ except pink.. exclude that] but yeah she wouldnt have to overanalyze if you told her the cold honest truth. If you dont think she can handle it, go over it in your mind a revise some things but dont keep it in you.

Theres alot more but this is going on loooooooooooong so ill cut it halfway short. Remember these are MY opinions. Not the facts.

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