Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So congratulations to all you new couple out there. I know you guys are going to have a great time laughing, loving, and learning about each other. The first few months are always the best, basically better than the rest, but without compromise you guys cant go anywhere. From the first time you see him/her your heart drops. Or maybe you dont even pay him/her any mind until a situtation occurs and Fate forces you to pay attention. The process starts with communication/ communicating. "Communication is key" is true in this first step in the successful relationship process. Talking openly about past relationships, hobbies, similarites, heartbreak hotel visits, and etc. All these topics and more can either make or break a new found relationship. The next step is spending time together. We are all human, we all might have jobs, have school to attend, or whatever the case my be but the point is not to spend all the time you have in the world with you boo or sweet thang but to balance your schedule and add spending time with your lover in your agenda book that you bought from Wal-Mart. This step also helps to show the other person how you act publicly. If a girl can show out in a restaurant and cuss out a waitress, who knows what she could possibly do to 'you' in public when you guys have a slight disagreement. Now on to arguing. No relationship is perfect without argiung. In my opionion its the best part of a relationship and a great fortune teller for you guys future. This step is where most couples give up and lose the balance. It could be a argument over something as serious as cheating or something so small about gas money. The key to truly overcome this step is to listen to each other, figure out what each one wants and deserves, and ultimatley Compromise. Silence doesnt fix the flaws in any relationship, it could always make things worse. If you really want to be with the person you are with you wouldnt let anything break you two up. And even if you two do decide to break it off for a while or forever dont blame each other. Learn from the mistakes made by yourself in the relationship and move on. Last but not least, the last step to this game of love is: Never give up on the one you love. When you say, "I LOVE YOU", this list of things are included: [happiness; kisses; hugs; memories; touching; rubbing; arguments; sometimes fights; warth; aggression; annoyance; sadness; hurt; ETC] Dont give up on the one you love for any number of reasons [ only real reason to let a partnet go is physical, emotional, shoot any type of abuse], its a test and you two can get through it alive and togetherbut just stay down for each other.

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