Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Knowing, learning, understanding and being aware of the health and wellness of our physical bodies is important.Knowing the different odors that come from our bodies is really important to our health. Knowing that everyone's body has it's own unique body odor. Some people are actually aware and are attracted to  your unique body scent. Our private parts should not smell like fish, dank, rank, or any form of stank. If they do, they we need to be committed to change from the inside and out. Being aware of the intelligence of our bodies. Learning how to shut up and listen to the signs like a headache, backache, congestion, or constipation can greatly save our lives. But only if you learn how to listen and trust your body's wisdom. You can be your own doctor. You don't need to hear from a professional to know that something ain't working how it was created to perform. You live with your body. You live inside of your body. You should be the master of your body. When something is off, you are the first person who ought to know. 

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