Tuesday, April 2, 2013

it's just a show but...

the actors portraying the characters are so talented, you tune in every selected weekday to keep up with the lives of this fictional characters that more than likely have existed some time in the past, present, and future. 
Lane Pryce is an honest man, who was just too damn nice. He was a bit of a push-over all of his life because of his inability to stand up to his loving, yet domineering father. He would never hurt a fly with his pleasing smile and unprotected heart, except for the time he beat Pete Campbell’s ass but then again Pete Campbell is a pig, who deserved every single fiery punch in the face. Sometimes mistakes are made for the greater good of others, ignorantly, and sometimes it’s to get ourselves out of a rut that we just have  to get out of. I wish Lane wasn’t scared of standing up to his father. I wish he could really have sex with a black woman without the fear of rejection and disapproval from his father. I wish the energy he devoted to pleasing everyone, he could have turned around and pleased himself in luxury and the real self-satisfaction of saying NO (without beating himself up and being guilty). To be honest, he could never truly survive in America. His spirit wasn’t cut out for it. Although his relationship with his father was much like a strictly business partnership, I wish he would have taken the offer to go back home to England. America, back then and now, never knew how to stop working and enjoy a cup of tea. We, Americans, don’t understand the logic, principle, and psychology of enjoying life even during a work day. We just believe that working hard, long into the night, will get us to where we want to go and get us the material things we want. Only after we are pissy drunk, unsatisfied about the life we have built, have black lungs thanks to all the cigarettes we smoke a day, then we would realize that there is more to life than what was done with happiness waiting at our every beck and call. Waiting to please us with her delightful smile through the chirping of the birds, gaze of the sun, pungent and sweet smell of flowers, plants dipped in a delicious shade of green announcing that spring is right around the corner. I wish that everyone else’s dirty secrets were aired out for the company to see, but even if that were I believe Lane would have still left the company the way he did. He wore everyone else’s personal emotions and problems with beautiful cuff-links given to him for his 30th birthday by his wife. She never understood why and will confused for the rest of her life at his decision, but hopefully he talks to her at night to ease her pain. He should have told her the truth, but I guess he thought of that and even though he’s been promiscuous and has thoughts of continuing to be so, she was always there. Everything happens for a reason. That’s so cliche. But that’s the tagline to my life. Everything happens for a reason; even on a tv show. 
Sometimes it’s hard to separate characters from their actors. I’m not going to throw rocks or tomatoes at any of these beautifully, creative actors who have made me hate them, love them, and be disgusted by them. I’ll just clap really hard for their performances. bringing words to life through live action is a hard thing to do. Jon Hamm knows. I love him, but I’m on the fence with Don Draper. He still fine though. Now I’m off to cry my eyes about Lane Pryce’s decision.
(originally written on my tumblr: uniqueleo.tumblr.com) 


  1. Ha! I really got caught up in Mad Men too. I'm watching it on Netflix so I've only seen through season 5.

    1. Why I am I just now seeing your comment? I have to do better