Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oddly Enough

I knew he was thinking about me as much as I thought about him. I got a call from him wanting to see me and of course I obliged seeing as if I had waited for this moment for too long. He came and picked me up in a beautiful Charger-like Impala with equally beautiful gray leather interior. When he told me he had a new girlfriend my heart shrunk smaller than the Grinch's heart before Cindy Lou invaded his life during Christmas. For some reason we stopped by an outside art festival that showcased different painters, pottery makers, jewelry makers and much more. There were two chairs with our names written on them by the food area and thats when I saw her. She was about my height, brownish black hair that's to her mid-back, and she's Persian or Persian-looking. I could have asked her nationality but for some reason I didnt. I should have known that was his girlfriend since pictures off her were on his internet in his car. He told me he loved me and I reciprocated those feelings and with all the emotions bubbling up inside me tears came rushing out. He got me a few napkins and we fell silent towards one another. No word exchange, just us sitting close enough for people to know we were together but not anymore and far enough for people to ask questions if we are just friends or are we dating. I felt his new girlfriend's eyes on us although she was supposed to be focused on the customers that came to check out her inventory of brilliantly paintings. I wanted to know why. Why her? Why here, why now, why call, why say you love me? And oddly enough it seemed like we were communicating telepathically because he said " I love her differently than I love you, less than and definitely not more." I was fishing around to ask the right question and then I sprung up from me sleep, literally.

He doesn't visit my dreams often and normally when he does I can barely remember enough to write about it so I'm amazed that I remember as much as I did to share. Although I took a Dream Interpretation class, I can't even begin or even want to begin to interpret the meaning of this dream. All I know is that it will stay with me for a long time seeing as if I'll continue to play it in my head. Of course the next time we speak, I'll tell him about it just because I share things like that with him. 

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