Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drought 24

I hate how I do this to myself every time I like someone. Expectations. That's one of my biggest problems that I need to work on. It's always difficult to get back into the "dating" game especially if you've been out of it for so long. But i definitely need to just go with the flow and stop trying to control what happens next. If nothing happens I'll be upset because I'll feel like I wasted my time even being interested but there is a lesson in everything that goes on in life. I'm a relationship person which is kind of one of my biggest down falls. I do enjoy being single but once someone shows interest and I show interest back, I start to think about how we would be together. Creepy right? I know. I'm so glad I can be honest with myself. I never fully enjoy being in the moment of that moment. My imagination always has to run wild and come up with these mini- movies. I don't be going out looking for anybody though, it just only happens when it is a mutual interest and it's shown. I'm aware that things aren't going to be this way forever, but even though I know that fact it doesn't make me feel any better. It feels like things aren't moving at all and I'm just stuck in one place all confused. But seriously what is there to be confused or stressing out about? How ironic is it that I don't think there should be anything to be confused or stressed about but I'm venting?

I'm having to re-learn that if someone isn't showing you the attention you want and deserve then let them be. They could be busy, ignoring you, having family issues, blah blah blah but who ever considers you important will show you. Point blank. Maybe if I stop listening to people like The O'Jays, Jodeci, Al Green and start listening to Rocko and Lil B then I could deal "better" when it came to someone I liked. But then I'd be in the group right along with the "heartless" girls who believe in their hearts that they think like dudes.

I give so much advice to other people just because I have a caring heart and I love to see people in healthy, happy relationships but when it comes to me and my personal intimate relationships, I never take my own advice. Ever. That's sad. I know I'm not the only one that does this to themselves. I need to start taking my own advice. ASAP.


  1. Our links section has been updated. =]. check it out, you'll be happy.

  2. I do that too. I always let my imagination run wild

  3. I know the feeling girl.

    One thing I've had to learn is to ACCEPT first & then EXPECT. Because you have to LEARNING about a person in order to KNOW who they are and what you should get from them and that relationship.

    Accept first, and then expect.

    And I'm the same way when it comes to giving people advice. It's crazy how we can say all of the right things to those "going through it" but when we're the ones going through it, we have nothing to say, for or to ourselves.

    It's because we know what our MINDS are telling us, but we also know what the HOPES of our HEARTS.

    Love is tough. Life is tough. But it'll only be worth the pain when you meet the person who is willing to genuinely save you the heartbreaks & pain that can come with giving your heart away.

    Great post doll.

    Kimberly, FWB

  4. Don't ever be upset at giving something or someone the benefit of the doubt (until their luck runs out). Your open-minded ability to do so is what makes you caring and unique, and will ultimately be your trademark in each relationship. Trust me!

    Also, I assure you that you are NOT the only one whose thought process goes into overdrive the instant they are feeling attraction towards someone. I think most women do this, along with many men as well (they just don't usually care to admit it.)

    Hang in there darling. Brace yourself with each new date. Prepare for the worst, but pray for the best. Every lesson is a blessing.


    Sojo, FWB

    PS- Please do not listen to Lil' B. PLEASE. Although older music makes it harder to be less of a hope(ful) romantic, just.. DON'T listen to Lil' B. Thanks babe!

  5. Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]

    <3 FWB

  6. Heyy, I saw you in the FWB chat and just wanted to stop in and say hello! Very cute blog you have here. & I know what you mean about having to learn to take your own advice. Sometimes it's hard to see the flaws within ourself. Just pretend it's someone more experienced and telling you it ;) lol


  7. @Kim - So very true what you said. Life and Love is tough but the small things make it worth it still be living and alive. Thanks for your words of encouragement. :)

    @Sojo - I'm going to add "Every lesson is a blessing" to my fav quotes! And I promise I wont listen to Lil B, I can't handle too much ignorance in one sitting so yeah. :D

    @Carrymel - Hey I'm following your blog already :) I think your blog is cute as well. And yes it is quite difficult to take our own advice in most occasions but that's a good idea you suggested.