Monday, December 27, 2010

Should I start making videos?

This is a very random post but it's been on my mind for a minute, a very long minute, like a few years now. Obviously that's more than a minute but back to the random topic. I've visited youtube just like everyone around the world has. Youtube just has so many different communities of videos (hair, makeup, music, massage, exercise, comedy, etc.)  it's so hard not to get caught up and sidetracked and waste 3 hours just listening to music. Thank goodness for everyone "broadcasting" themselves and different things because of course without them Youtube would be nothing. To date I have 778 favorited videos and 0 uploaded videos. I was thinking maybe I should at least upload at least one or two or three just so that my Youtube boat wont be tipping over on   one side so much. What do you think?

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