Monday, December 6, 2010


i woke up last night
with this mask on my face
and i tried my hardest for it to come off
but for some strange reason it didnt budge
so now im stuck with this sick jason shit
on my face; and i gotta go to class like this
i wish it wasnt like this
i wish i wish the truth could just come on
out like when you eat too much wheat bread
to keep you regular
but in order for me to love in this world
the mask is needed to keep hidden
my secrets; secrets from everybody else in the streets
they dont needed know all my business
and you were the only i felt close with
and now you got torn away from me
over some dumb shit...
well i hope your life is doing just fine
becuz now they all blind by my smile
and they wanna go to the candy shop to
get some of those goodies but in the back of
my mind.. im still waiting on you
like a teenager waiting on her
this is how my life
is going to be lived
behind a mask until
i understand the true reasons
for the end of our time

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