Monday, December 6, 2010

Always Home

For better or for worse
through thick and thin
and then we kissed.
Raising our children,
going on dates strictly
for the one I married
make me love my family
even more.
Although I’m always on the road
away from home
I always have to remember
the little saying:
Home is where the heart is.
So I guess I’m always home
while I talk to my husband on the
phone about how his day was,
how our children are doing, and
how much we miss one another
but the reality is
I’m always gone.
My job keeps me on the road
making love to my instruments.
The little time I take off from
The beautiful, lonely road
I drop my luggage off at the door
And rush to give him a hug.
our relationship was printed
in the latest Hallmark card.
At home, is when I remember what I love about us
is our understandings towards one another.
He understands me with just a glimpse
of my sparkling eye.
I understand him with a friendly smile.
Sometimes I feel like my constant traveling
has an effect on our children
but they are still young and impressionable
so we have time.
Finally being able to relax on the microfiber
couch helps me realize that
it takes me higher that I could ever imagine
to be uplifted and completely understood by

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