Saturday, November 6, 2010

***THIS IS NOT A REVIEW*** Just a reaction of someone's comment

I just peeped this comment on one of my facebook friends status. The status read "Suggests EVERY Colored Girl go see "For Colored Girls". Its a powerful dynamic and will really touch your heart because it captures an array of situations that women really go through..." And the girl's comment was, "I dont know if I wanna see it. Tired of movies about us and drama. Gettin old!" 

My first reaction was "shake my head" and then I started to think about all the movies that are about US and of those movies all the DRAMA that is involved and my reaction to her comment is still "shake my head". Now of course it is her choice to not go see the movie because of her reason but the movie, play, book, does a good job in showcasing US and the drama of our lives. And if I think deeper at the word she chose, DRAMA, I have to disagree with her more. The movie was about US and th different LIVES we live and any and everything that goes in throughout that life. Yes, some of the situations WE experience maybe DRAMATIC and should be put in a movie but even still it's LIFE. Some of the issues in OUR community are DRAMAtic but they are also very important and the movie touched basis on a lot of those issues. Why wouldn't I go see a movie that allows me, if I am willing, to self -reflect on the decisions I have made in my life or decisions, trials and tribulations that other women I know have or are going through? Then I started to think about her use of the word US. I know by US she was meaning black women. Even though the cast in both the movie and play are all black, they all represent and are named in the book a different color, but she wouldn't know that if she doesn't go see the movie. Tyler Perry even said you do not have to be a women of color to enjoy this movie. I wish I would have known about the literature before I saw the movie but now that I do know, I will be reading it pretty soon. And like Thandie Newton said, " The writer of the book ( also the movie) is daring you, asking you, willing you to look further than the color of my skin." I think of movies like I think of poems, they will mean something different to you and the person next to you even if it's the same movie/poem. 

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