Thursday, November 4, 2010

back on track (no pun intended)

Monday was the day it all went down. I took my weave out and I am so happy I did. I was a first timer to the weave thing and it was nice while it lasted. I liked the fact that for three months I didnt have to fool around with my hair but the thing is I missed running my fingers through my scalp. The weave got me attention but I know I dont need extra hair to get some guys to check me out... that's what my personality is for but some females didn't get that memo. I hated how when I shampooed the hair there were tangles and sometimes poofyness. Basically my point in getting the weave was cut down on having to do my hair and like I mention before it was nice while it lasted but honestly it is not for me. I am super duper happy about all the great new growth I acquired. I'm on the road again to becoming a black woman full of natural hair!!! Go #TeamWhatsGood4You :)

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