Thursday, August 5, 2010

So wanting better for your best friend is snitchin" now?

I rarely talk about celebrity gossip and stuff and I wasnt going to until I saw some of the comments on a video. I'm sure you have heard about Laurence Fishbourne's daughter getting into the porn industry. Well her best friend, I'm assuming interviewed with this guy and told him basically what lead her to this path. Alot of the comments from people were calling the girl a snitch and crackhead and stuff like that. It really bothered me because why in the world would any one want their best friend, sister, daughter, cousin, godsister, brother and so on to choose that path in life. Yeah she's getting a lot of money but she's putting her health at risk. I dont blame her friend for telling the truth. If you care about your friends you would do whatever it takes to make sure they are living a good life and are happy. I guess some of those commentators wouldnt mind if their best friend got into the porn industry.

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