Sunday, May 30, 2010

The ups and downs of MY single life

When a female recently gets out of a relationship with someone she loved with all her heart there is always a sense of disappointment.I say disappointment because personally I am a relationship person. I like everything about being in a relationship. I do enjoy the single life as well but if someone asked me to choose I would say relationship (honest answer). By the way, this entire post is based on my opinion and experience even though I did just generalize in the first sentence. I know the relationship I was in with the love of my life was off and on and every time it's been off I was disappointed. Disappointed at the fact that we keep going off and havent found the stability to stay on. I will say that every time we have been off I've learned alot about different relationships and myself. Now I dont want to go rambling about things that have nothing to do with the title so let me get back on track. 

Being single has it's ups and downs. 

The common UPS:
- no need to explain your actions
- no priority calling
- hang out with homeboys/girls with no problems
- have fun (this applies to anyone who is in a relationship where they can have limited freedom)
- FLIRT with whoever you want to
- focused on yourself
- no one to get on your nervous about the smallest stuff (i.e. not taking the trash out or nagging)

The common DOWNS:
- loneliness
- no one person to kiss and cuddle with 

The only twist to my single life is that I know I wont be single forever. I dont think I made that statement comprehensible. I am trying to say that even though I'm single, I know the love of my life is coming back. I just know he is. Seriously. I dont know when, what date, time, time of day, where, any of the details but I just know he is. You know when you just know something, you just know. There ain't no question in your mind if its right or wrong, you know that its right. Example: You're woman's initution kicked in and you just know he cheatin' and he dont even have to say a word. You just know. So for me to just know it kind of complicates my single life. Because even though I am single, I know that fact, I dont feel like I am. Honestly I just feel like he's in the Navy and I dont know when he'll be home. And even though I know he'll be back, I'm not sittin' here waiting. I am still young and I have to enjoy my young years so if I like someone I will like them. So harder than others but I like them. So people say "You like too many people" and I say " I'm not a player I just crush alot". I seriously do crush alot but single people can crush. It's not like I am running around all in love with every single one of them. Love is nothing to play around with. 

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