Thursday, May 20, 2010

new goal* oh and HEYYYY Ya'll

I have a new goal. Well actually it's an old goal but since I never achieved this goal I guess it's just been sitting in my "goal" bag. Well I just realized that I'm getting older and more mature by every second and I want to be beautiful not only from the inside but outside as well. Yes, it's true that beautiful comes from within but my fingernails are hideous. UGH! I don't know where I picked up this horrible habit but it's go to go once and for all. Come to think of it, when I visited my kindergarten teacher I was biting my nails and she said I used to do that in elementary school. Dang! That's so crazy. Well I dont have time for any real investigation as to why i bite my nails and the skin ( I promise I'm not a cannibal ) around my nails. I will say this, I probably do it because of the same reasons the other 6 million/billion people do it: stress, anxiety, nervous, scared, frighten, etc. My hair is been getting lots of TLC these past few months and I dont know why my nails have been suffering. This nail-biting problem is one reason why nobody tries to hit on me anymore. I scare the men away, smh at myself. Well am I not only doing this for them, jk, but I'm doing it for me. I'm tired of hiding my hands under my thighs when I'm around a group of people or acting like "I don't care" that my nail, nail bed, skin around my nails, and cuticles are messed THE hell up. Change is coming and it's coming soon like summer 2010. OH! That's this summer :) I'm pretty excited about achieving my new goal. I did research (youtube, google, that's all) and I got some pretty good ideas on how to seriously achieve this goal. And speaking of achieving goals, I still haven't wrote down my "goal list". Shame on me. I may sound a bit happy go lucky but I am so serious about this goal here. I want to stop. I wish there was a group near me (because I'm sure there is a group) that was a support group for people who bite their nails (there's a group for anything these days). I would go seriously but since I'm not 100% sure that that type of group exist, I'm going to keep up with my progress in a journal for 21 days. They say it takes about 21 days for a habit to be out of your system ( they had more intelligent words on the site from where I'm getting my info). 21 days don't seem long but in nail-biting world it is long. I might even take a few pics ( even though I dont want to). Wish me luck because I'm starting tomorrow, well today :) Thanks for reading.

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