Friday, May 28, 2010

When men ask for help

The other day, my love said to me," Can you teach me how to type?" <---- that right there is such a beautiful thing in my opinion. Well me knowing him, he doesnt normally ask for help, like most young men, and so for him to ask me to teach him how to type it touched me and put a smile on my face. Men are viewed in our society as STRONG, in CONTROL, dont need HELP (not saying they are not any of these). Most men do not want to come to the reality that they do need help and I believe it stems from their pride. They've been known to be HEAD of the household, bring home the BACON, be STRONG, SMART... that they have taken that and lived with it for years and would not even think about asking for help, let alone a WOMAN. Why do they do this? Because they dont want to be viewed as weak and incapable of handling it on their own (this is definitely true for my love).
 But I applaud any MAN that ask anyone (mom, dad, girlfriend, wife, brother, etc.) for help because then, to me, it shows maturity and strength within theirselves. He wants me to teach him how to type because he is going back to school in January and I'm pretty sure alot of his work and assignments will be on the computer (especially with a mjaor like Nursing). But I promise to be a good girlfriend and teach him. Even though I dont have patience for teaching people things, I will do it because I want to see him succeed. 

"Behind every successful man there is a woman"

And I am that woman. We're not married but in any relationship there should be that type of commitment, especially if you're in a serious relationship and you're thinking about spending the rest of your life with this person. But this post isnt about relationships (that's another post). 
Men, You are not too strong, too big, too MANLY to ask for help. Just gottta let you all know that. 

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