Friday, May 28, 2010

Appreciatin', Lovin', and Rockin' the new growth

I must admit that when I started this relaxer stretch on my hair that I was quite nervous.I mean I had just got through stretching my perm a few months before but I didnt last as long as some of the ladies on YouTube did so I wanted to push myself. And I do have to say that it's coming up on the 6th month and I am having so much fun with my hair. I like touching the curls, naps, kinks, kitchen, whatever you prefer to call it. I Love it.

A little back story as to why I have been stretching my relaxer for so long. Late 2009 I decided I wanted to see how long my hair could grow so I decided to not cut it until it got as long as it possibly could. YES! My reason is just that simple. It wasnt because I desired healthy hair or wanted to go natural or any of the other reasons alot of Black women have, I was just curious to see how long it could get. So I did my research on youtube of course ( I'm a visual learner) and they basically have an entire African- American hair community. I seriously don;t understand Youtube doesnt set it up for them to have their own section in the beauty section but whatever. Anyways I watched an endless number of videos ( I'll post an entire list of some of my favorite channels) and read alot of blogs ( I'll post a list of these too ) and I went on black hair care forum websites via google ( I'll post some of these too ) and learned an enormous amount of information for myself. I would say the most important thing I learned from each and every source is that "Just because it worked for her hair doesnt mean it'll work for me".

I'm learning to truly and honestly appreciate my new growth. I'm allowing it to be new growth and not hurry up and run to damage it with that creamy crack. I am still relaxed and I probably still will be until I feel like I want to cut my hair and go natural. Yes, I have thought about going natural. I mean when you watch natural hair channels and health hair channels, you get inspired. Trust me if you are disagreeing with me you probably will have just a tiny urge to go natural. But going natural aint for everybody. I'm just so happy that I learned to appreciate and show love to the growth that is curly. I dont use heat on my hair anymore ( even though I got a little excited a few weeks ago with the blow dryer I bought for $12), I co-wash ( conditioner wash ) my hair, wear transition styles ( styles that a person who is going natural/ stretch so that their hair is minimal manipulation), deep condition regurlary, oil scalp, moisturize, sleep with a satin scarf.

I see up there I was basically about to list my regimen/ routine. I'll save that post for anyone who cares. But the moral of this post is I LOVE MY NAPS! It took a while to get used to but this is the longest I have stretched my hair and I'm so super happy I'm doing it. Let new growth be new growth. Yeah it's thickness for sure but once you get that perm, you're hair will show you results or not but hopefully it will. Anyways if anyone whose reading this interested about why, how, what I use, and everything like that just hit me up. Peace.

[photo credit: Google via search kinky afro]

*I was jammin' to: Earth, Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland
                             George Clinton - Atmoic Dog
                             Cypress Hill - Insane in the Membrane
                             Eric Roberson - How Could She do it
                             Eric Roberson - She
                             Eric Roberson - Pave a New Road

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