Friday, March 19, 2010


So yesterday I went off on my roommate.
Went off in a way that wasnt disrespectful
in the common ways but raising my voice
and approachng the issue with an attitude.
I can only blame myself for my attitude
I can only blame myself for not being cool, calm, and collected
when dealing with certain situations such as that one
I'm not confrontational
I'm the type of person to stay to myself
dont go looking for drama
but it always has a weird way in finding me.
Holding things in is never good
yesterday i felt like i burst like a balloon
I hate the fact that as I tried to confront
tears rolled down my face
these tears were products of huge frustration and nervousness
I have to learn the proper way to talk to people
if they are bugging me, getting on my nerves, being disrespectful and so much more
this semester has been a huge eye opener for me
it has shown me my strengths and weaknesses as a person
i wish they had a course callled "Life" but that;s too abstract
I didnt apologize to her because I meant every word I said
but now I see that I have to let out my emotion about any
situation during the moment and never afterwards
effectively communicating can solve alot of confusion

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