Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mentor. Yes or No?

So, I finally got my background check for this mentor program me and some of the members of my organization are going to do. I've always wanted to a mentor. I've always wanted someone to look up to me and I always wanted to lead by example. I feel like I'm a good person. I have alot of thoughts that run through my head and alot of advice that's locked up in a chamber that just wants to get out. I'm a college student and the program is at a middle school for the 8th graders and then the high school in the town where my school is. I really want to do this. Not just because it will look good on my resume. But because if I stay with the same mentee until she graduates then she will get a scholarship to futher her education. The only set back I have that's really bugging me is that I, myself, dont have transportation to be as consistent as I want to be in my mentees life. I been playing around with the options of just being a boring little college student that gets grades and doesnt try to help the community or being a active college student who even though struggling in classes, who goes to sleep at  4am, who tries to study effectively  for test, also helps to change a child's life. I think that high school students will be a bit difficult because they are teenagers, most of them were born in the same year as I, but the supervisor over the program told us that these kids dont have any positive role models in their lives. If this post sounds confusing or jumbled it's because I am confused about what the right choice is for me.

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