Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Girl !!


I'm the Birthday Girl today, along with plenty of others sharing this glorious day. I love Leos and I love the month of August but August 12th just is so special to me, besides the fact that it's the day I was born.

Fun fact about Me: I was supposed to be born on August 17th and my mom wanted to name my Chloe... after the perfume.

This is on of the big ones, 21! I really don't have any major plans to take 21 shots and end up throwing up whatever I ate or drinking at all for the matter to get wasted. I've seen too many people in college get "wasted" and not listening to their bodies telling them to stop/ slow down. I might let my mom buy me a margarita but I'm not sure yet. I actually wanted to switch it up and do brunch and go to a museum instead of the norm that I have been doing. In due time I suppose.

I'm happy to be alive because I could be dead or close to it. I expect big things from myself in my 21st year on this earth and what better way to start by being ever grateful for everything and everyone in and out of my life. The perfect birthday present would be for my video to upload on Youtube with no technical difficulties. 



  2. Happy Belated birthday, pretty girl.

    Can I get that cake in the picture though? YAHS!

    I hope your birthday was a good one. I am so glad you decided to have reasonable fun. Getting wasted is NOT all the hype it appears to be. Try not to live your life on the edge as if there is no tomorrow. Live your life like one who has faith. Live your life as though there will be a tomorrow to regret some of today's decisions.

    Stay blessed and let me know how your day went.

    Mad love.


    Sojo, FWB