Monday, December 6, 2010

Passin' the time until you come back

And as you enter into the warm and tight place your eyes start to roll in the back of your head and your head falls back and you begin to pump. You arent even supposed to be havin sex with this chick who tells you her name is Sheila but you met her at a basketball game and she couldnt keep her eyes off of you. She flirted and at the time you wasnt into too much because you were focused on the game but before the end of the night she had your number. Now the basketball game was last friday and today, well tonight rather is wednesday night. You get a text at around 5pm [whats up cutie]. Now you tryna figure out which one of your [girl]friends calls you cutie and who did you just recently give your number to. Then you're like "fuck it i give up" [who is dis]. She says [this is sheila man remember from the game last week] Then you thinkin "oh shit, Sheila, thats whats up" [ hey whats good girl how you been] Yall start having a long conversation during text and as soon as it got interesting, you get a phone call from your ex. The only girl that truly mattered other than your mother. You havent talked to her in a good year so yall stay on the phone for a good 4 hours. How refreshing it was to hear her voice again, you havent laughed, giggled at most, or smiled so hard your head hurt since you guys dated which had been 2 years ago.

When you looked up at the clock you noticed it was 9:15pm ( damn how time flys) Next thing you know your phone gets another text.. "ahh from Sheila" [can i come over tonight, just to chill] In your mind you're thinking "just to chill i.e. fuck or to really chill; she does look like an innocent, nice girl, but those are the main ones that do the dirtiest deeds when it comes to sex" As a million thoughts are crossing your mind at once you reply [yeah sure, i live in CandleBrick Apartments, building A #3] She text you back[ ok be there in a min.] So you tryna think should you shower because you dont know if you gettin any pussy tonight or if you should just straighten up the front room because you guys are really going to sit down on the couch and watch a movie. So you decide to shower "you never know what could happen" ( You havent gotten some good shit for a hot minute so you might even pounce on her) With the water running down your spine, you seem to slip right into what you think she could be wearing to "just chill" (maybe a simple outfit, jeans and a cute little shirt, or maybe a evening dress and some heels, or maybe something freaky like some lingerie from Fredricks) then you notice that your dick is gettin hard from your curious thoughts so you try to think about something else so that it will go down. As you turn the water off you hear your phone, you rush to answer, then you hear her voice [Hey im at the door] Right then and there you had it made up in your mind that you two were gonna fuck all night long, she only said 5 lousy words but in your mind she was talking dirty so you got aroused. Rushing to put some comfortable clothes on and speed walk to open the door, and damn was she fine.

She was built just right, easy on the eyes, and even though her waist was small she had too much booty in those pants. You noticed she had a little duffle bag with her, you asked her "whats that for" and she replied " "oh just my jammies just in case the movie goes long and i wont drive back in these clothes; I want to be able to hop right in the bed" Whose bed??? LOL.. You two plop on the couch and start watching "The Wood", one of your favorites. Right after the opening credits roll off, you feel her hand touch your thigh then it inches up little by little, then you feel her breath on your neck and you get goosebumps. "Could this really be happening, is she really seducing me" You dont really care, you respond to her every action done to your body then she interrupts and says " excuse me for a minute, I have to tinkle" In your head you thinkin is she gonna come back with some else on, is she really turning me on, do i really wanna just have sex with this chick, who is she anyways, could she possibly be the one??" And again all these crazy eyes pop into your head but you dont even realize that Sheila is out of the bathroom and definitly out of her clothes and into a cute pair of boyshorts and a fancy bra to match. Some type of spirit of ghost must have gotten inside of you because when you recognized you led her straight to your bedroom and decided to take off her "articles of clothing" with your teeth. You were acting like a starved monkey, groping, licking, and sucking all over her body from the waist up. She moaned and yeeped and had the beautiful expression of pleasure on her face.

Then she got up and put your dick in her mouth and thats you about fell out. She was sucking and licking at the same time, which to you, you didnt understand how it could be happening at once but it was and you felt like you were close to heaven, then she licked and sucked on your balls like she was trying to get every taste from a jaw breaker. Then she whispered to you " I want you inside of me NOW daddy" and you thought "since when do i get nicknames, but ok Sheila" & as you entered the warm and tight place inside of her, your head started to cock back and your mouth open with drool forming, you pumped her pussy so slow that you had to pull out even before you got started. It felt so good, it felt so good that you couldnt even put it into words when tellin yo niggas about it. Then she got forceful and pushed you on the bed and got onto of you and started ridin!!! And did that cowgirl ride! She had your toes curling and your mouth open with drool touching the bed sheets, thats how good she was, then you told her you were cummin not to mention but to mention she had came 5 times in a row, and once you were all out of energy, you just lie there in shock and oh so pleased by this Sheila.

She attempted to lay on top of you but you not so forcefully pushed her off of you and got up to use the bathroom. You checked your clock and it said 2:25am, DAMN YALL WERE AT IT THAT LONG!!! Then you go back inside of the room to check your phone and Sheila is knocked out, then you see that She called twice and before you could even dial her number, you here a knock at the door. You rush to the door and say "Who is it" and a sweet, beautiful voice says "Its me, Tracy" Of course you had to let her in, she was and still was the love of your life, the one you would die for, the one you cherished and thought about morning, noon, and night, and even who you thought about while you were fuckin Sheila. You two embrace and dont let go for a good 8 mintues, then she kisses you on the lips like you just got back from the Cold War, even though you werent even born during that time, and how wonderful it felt to be kissin her lips again. But what about Sheila? You thinking "fuck Sheila, Sheila is so girl I just fucked and hell yeah that shit was good, but it was just pussy and it didnt mean anything, shiiiit i didnt even kiss her in the mouth or on the lips, but Tracy, Tracy is my love, the one who has my heart, the woman i want to have my children, and she is tellin me all the things i want to hear that is pleasuing me, emotionally and mentally. Ive dreamt of this day to come and its finally here. As you and Tracy gaze into each other's eyes, her eyebrows rise and she says "It smells like SEX"

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