Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Drown them out all

have you ever lost your headphones to your mp3 player and didnt have a spare pair? has your mp3 player ever just stopped working and you were forced to continue to go through your day without music? Yeah I know the feeling. My iPod gave out on me right before this semester started (talk about someone who was hurt and mad when she found out it couldnt be fixed). I'm forced to walk on campus, ride the bus, eat my lunch... listening to ignorance and people who don't even make sense of their damn selves. I tried to buy a cheap RCA mp3 player and it served it's purpose until it went brain dead on me too and it's practically new. I don't know what the problem is but like my high school psychology teacher told me: TECHNOLOGY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! I'm not a musician so i don't live by: Music is my life but I am a music lover so I do live by: Music is apart of my life. It's been mighty difficult without any type of music on my way to class, going to the gym, studying in the library, or just walking around campus! This is quite the challenge but I think I am doing ok so far :)


  1. Girl. I couldnt do it. Haha.
    I need music for EVERYthing and during EVERY part of my day. Im all the way obsessed.

  2. Yeah. When I said I'm doing ok so far, I was lying. It kills me everyday.