Wednesday, June 9, 2010

when it comes to summer school...

there ARE NOT enough hours in a day. I swear I'm tired everyday. Whenever I do have a little energy or a cute shirt I want to wear it gets taken or sweat all on it thanks to the beaming rays of the sun in Georgia and my busy schedule in this wonderful thing called summer school. If I would have had my stuff together in the beginning I wouldnt be here, well maybe I would because summer school is different when you are in college but still. Even though I'm glad there are tI'm walking from my on campus apartment to campus from 8-9 am something for my 10am class until my 3-5pm class and I didnt mention the other class that comes in th middle. I havent had any type of time to write my Congratulations Grads to the recent grads of high school and college. I cant stay up for nothing even though I need to be studying. Today I had to purchase some 5 hours energy, I took one shot and it seems like I'm going to need 2 because I just woke up from a "nap". It was an awkward nap because I was on the computer and my head just happened to make contact with the wall and I was out for a good 35 mins. Weird I know but now I'm up and I have to study. I messed up my gpa by just barely passing these three classes so I am definitly going to put in work so that I can get the grade. Wish me luck on mastering this schedule of mine. Oh yeah and the summer school session I'm in is only 4 weeks! Yes. Four weeks. After this week I have only 3 more to go. No social life + study+ Study+ study+ attending class everyday = A's and B's 

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