Monday, June 21, 2010

Identity Crisis, BUT I'm still living a good life

Is it normal for a Leo, who is supposed to be the life of the party, to feel like an outcast?

I heard that when HE has you all alone, isolated from others then that means something BIG and AMAZING is brewing underneath the surface.

why did I even say those three important words when I didnt even mean it?

and why do I even say "I don't have any friends" when I have a few although we might not talk everyday?

and how come I can't ever really and truly enjoy myself when I go out?

I don't even know why I don't just go natural now instead of waiting another year.

Does my advice mean nothing to you?

I can definitely tell the difference between myself from my freshman year in high school to this year; my junior year in college.

There are some things even a parent can't shield their child from.

I guess I just have to keep going through it.

Sometimes at night, I feel something brewing. I just want to know what it is specifically.

When the hell did my eccentricity button fall off?

I love when I'm right, I just hate how long it takes for it to manifest in the real world.

Why does it shock some people when I say that there are women out there that are more beautiful than me, when it's true and they know it?

I thought this type of "crisis" only happened to middle-aged people but it's nice to see it doesn't discriminate.

Maybe when it's over, I wont be like the same person I want to be.

Sex is just the cherry on top. Relationships take work. Why don't people, the people I know, know that?

And what is really the point of dating when I already know who I'll end up with?

and seriously though, how come I can't be as affectionate as I am in my head when I run into or hang out with the people I really care about?

Change is good though.

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