Friday, June 25, 2010

30- Day Letter Challenge - Day 2 (date supposed to be written June 24th) : Your Crush

Dear Cutie Pie,
 I just wanted to let you know that I've always thought you were cute ever since the first day I met you. You remember we met through a friend. Whenever I see you around and you're at a distance I smile, because I'm happy to see you, but once you get close I try really hard to contain my emotions. Your dark chocolate skin looks so good, especially when you swear makes me drool. I'm just being honest. Don't mean to be a creeper. I guess I just wanted to really tell you how I feel because when I see some of your thoughts, it makes me mad and it make me want to show you that there are still some nice women out here that dont play games. It sucks that even though those days I get to run into you, that that's all it will ever be. Trust me I know. But even if you dont even give me a try, I hope that one day the girl that is perfect for you comes and makes your life happy and filled with joy.

Love, Me

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